Travel With Orion started in early 2014 when co-founder Alicia Edelman decided to transform her passion for travel and planning into a career. Not long after, Alicia invited her friend and colleague Jackie Ciliberti to join the team. Together, Alicia and Jackie have grown Travel With Orion from an exciting idea to a full-time business. Their complimentary expertise, immense passion for traveling, and love for a client-focused business model has made Travel With Orion’s success come naturally. 
At Travel With Orion our philosophy is simple; the more organized and well-researched the trip planning process is, the more relaxed, thoughtful, and exciting the trip itself will be. 
Travel With Orion works with you to create trips that are flawlessly planned, so that you can enjoy your travels and build life-long, wonderful memories without logistical worries. If its s trip for business, then your time can be spent focused on your clients, leaving the trip logistics to us. 
Our behind-the-scenes planning always results in exceptional customer service, and a trip or vacation that reflects your unique passions and goals. We also have experience with booking travel tailored for travelers with special needs; gathering accurate information about the accessibility of hotels, restaurants, and sites, etc. to make their travels inspiring, super fun, and most of all, comfortable.
All of our services begin with a free phone consultation. Travel With Orion is ready to help you plan your next trip today! 

Alicia Edelman

Alicia had the idea to start Travel With Orion after years of working for museums, artists, and conferences planning highly elaborate and specialized trips and events in Europe and California. A true nomad, Alicia has lived in Paris, Berlin Vienna, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Her longest stint was in Paris, a city close to her heart where she now spends half the year. Living in so many drastically different cities has afforded Alicia a unique perspective, and a great appreciation of the unique knowledge and understanding one can gain through thoughtful traveling experiences.


Jackie Ciliberti

Jackie grew up in Washington State, but has lived in California for most of her adult life. She discovered her love for travel after deciding one day that she wanted to visit New Orleans- a place she had never been before and where she knew nobody. Skilled in research and organization, she was able to design a fantastic week long trip on a very limited budget, which ignited a fire that has never gone out. Since that initial trip, her travels have taken her to almost every state and region in the USA. In 2014 she bought a van and left her home in San Francisco to travel full time; after a couple years, she has settled down again (for now at least!) in Oakland, California.