Travel With Orion is proud to offer services that reflect the unique personalities and needs of our clients. Every trip we plan is crafted specifically for each individual, couple, family, group or business. This means that your trip will be perfectly matched to your personality, interests, passions, pace, and physical abilities.

Cofounder Alicia’s mother is a fearless traveler who uses crutches and is sometimes in a wheelchair. From their travels together, Alicia has learned how difficult it can be to get accurate information about the accessibility of hotels, restaurants, and sites, especially when it’s all in a different language, or in countries that may not have ADA requirements as we are used to in the US.

Gathering all this information can be extremely time consuming – that’s why we’re here! We’ll deal with all the nitty gritty details so that your trip planning experience is just as fun and exciting as the actual trip. In the end, you’ll have a solid itinerary that is inspiring, super fun, and most of all, comfortable.

All of our services begin with a free phone consultation. We will discuss your goals and needs, and set a plan for your next trip.

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