California is an incredible place. With a population of 40 million, a footprint spanning 770 miles north to south, and an economy that ranks 6th in global rankings, sometimes it can be hard to fully comprehend just how enormous and diverse this state really is.

Redwood tree Sequoia, California

The Tallest trees in the world, the oldest, and the thickest ones, all grow in California. The lowest point and the tallest peak in the continental US both lie in California, only a scant 85 miles away from each other! Home to many rare and endangered species such as the majestic condor or the adorable pika, California is a wonderland for naturalists. The state boasts 8 national parks, including legendary Joshua Tree and iconic Yosemite, but there are countless other lesser known but equally amazing parks and monuments in every kind of terrain from beaches to deserts to forested mountains.

View of Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory

Three of the largest cities in the US are in California, all with incredibly unique and vibrant cultures. Maybe you’re tracing the footsteps of the Beat poets and sixties counterculture legends in foggy, romantic San Francisco… Or exploring the hottest galleries and eateries in trendy Los Angeles… Soaking up the surf and sun in snowbird vacationer’s paradise San Diego… Or maybe you’re even on a business trip in silicon valley capitol San Jose, where there is great food and cool museums to mix in a little pleasure with work.

woman with bike beside the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, California

Travel With Orion founders Alicia and Jackie have a deep love for this truly special state- Alicia is a native and Jackie has lived in California for most of her adult life. We are confident that whether your bag is the funky and off-the-beaten-path or the lush and luxurious, and everything in between – California has countless ways to enjoy.

Clear Lake in California

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woman beside giant mirrored artwork and rocks at the High Desert test sites, California

explore the High Desert Test Sites

California beach with driftwood fort

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Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles at dusk

Sunset in Los Angeles

Wild Willy's Hot Spring Bishop California

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs in Bishop

Salvation Mountain in Slab City California

Salvation Mountain

Alabama Hills Lone Pine California

Alabama Hills

Redwood Forest California

Redwood Forest

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San Francisco house architecture

San Francisco architecture

San Francisco house architecture

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San Francisco apartments and TransAmerica pyramid

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California foothills horse trail

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