Why should I hire a travel planner or consultant?

Travel With Orion eliminates all stress associated with travel – we take care of all the nitty gritty details, giving you peace of mind. Trip planning should be fun! But it can be time consuming to find the right lodging, transportation, dining, activities and other variables in just the right places at just the right prices. We take care of all of this so that you can focus on the fun part – deciding which awesome activities and places you’d like to explore!

Can you work with other regions outside of France and California?

Yes. Travel with Orion is currently concentrating on these two regions because they are the foci of personal knowledge for the company’s two founders. However, if your travel plans include other destinations, we can certainly accommodate you.

Do you book airline tickets?

We are happy to help you book airline tickets by recommending online resources and websites. We can also purchase airline tickets for you directly ourselves; this is an extra service that is paid for in addition to our travel planning packages.

Why is everything done by email?

Email communication is a great way to maintain clarity and transparency throughout the planning process, and an easy way to make sure that everything is written down for our clients so they can reference as much as they need.

Do you have partnerships with anyone from whom you receive commission?

No. One of the main principles of our company is our desire to give truly exceptional, honest, and pertinent advice to our clients. We are proud to maintain this status by refusing the traditional structure of “travel agent business”. All our income is earned by the fees our clients pay us for our coaching and planning services; in this way, we can offer the best of the best without compromising.

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