people climbing in snow to summit of Aiguille du Midi Chamonix, France

France is an enormously diverse country that will continue to surprise and enthrall even the most well traveled and jaded among us. Travel With Orion’s goal while working with our clients who plan to travel to France is to create trips that light the fire of curiosity and continue to inspire for years to come.

city by river in France

The most well known destinations in France are well known for a reason; there’s nothing more humbling than gazing up at the summit of Mont Blanc from the Aguille du Midi, or more romantic than sharing a springtime picnic by the river Seine in Paris.

 Travel With Orion offers a way to incorporate these iconic experiences into a trip that also explores all of the roads less traveled.

There are 13 metropolitan regions in France and each one is full of history, architectural masterpieces, spectacular nature, and distinct and inspiring cultures.

exterior of Pompidou Center in Paris, France

What inspires you to seek out new places, new people, new contexts?

Are you a museum-a-day adventurer whose heart pounds with excitement when discovering a new artist or gallery?

Castle in France

It’s no secret that France values arts and culture in a very profound way. With a $10 billion yearly budget (yes, that’s a B), the Ministry of Culture in France finances art in such a way that it is truly omnipresent.

Though Paris is the undisputed epicenter of things to do and see, each department benefits deeply from this national commitment to preserving and creating culture.

castle by a pond in Normandy, France

Are you a history buff who could spend hours exploring a single ruin or archaeological site? Most people have heard of the cave at Lascaux but it is really just the tip of the iceberg in a region peppered with fantastic prehistoric sites. From the Southwest to the Southeast, there are so many fascinating and mystical places to discover that one could spend a lifetime exploring them. If ancient history is your jam, there’s also several cities in France that boast astonishingly well maintained Roman ruins.

boat on the water in Calanques, France

Or perhaps you seek the rush that comes from seeing a spectacular natural park or monument for the first time? One thing that France and California have in common is endless natural beauty. From the Breton coasts along the English channel to the volcanic mountains of Auvergne, even those of us who have spent years living in France never run out of epic natural sites to explore.

people on rafts in Ardeche, France

Ardeche, France

blue inlet among rocky hills in Calanques, France

Calanques, France

cheese shop in France

specialty cheese shops

field of lavendar and stone building in France

fields of lavender

Gourdes, France

Gourdes, France

Brittany, France

castles in Brittany, France

woman slicing bread at bakery in France

French bakeries

Calanques, Marseilles France

Calanques, France

historical town and road

see the French countryside

Hotel de Ville in Paris

bicycle and walkway in Paris, France

travel like a local

church in Lyon, France

see cultural treasures

apartment buildings in Paris, France

explore European history

building in Paris, France

architecture tours in Paris

hotel in Paris, France

comfortable hotels in Paris

red car on cobblestones in France

unique shops in Paris

rooftops in Paris, France

explore Paris

fruit market in Provence, France

Provence farmer’s market

Rochecolomb, Ardeche, France

Rochecolombe, France

explore art museums

building and outdoor seating in Roussillon, France

Rousson, France

port with boats and buildings in France

French seaside