seaside home in La Baie des Singes, France

Travel With Orion is an outstanding and heartfelt travel planning service that fulfilled my lifelong dream to visit the Brittany peninsula. Their personalized services provided me an itinerary that was both uniquely adventurous and beautiful, yet extremely conscientious of my physical challenges, as I move through this world using crutches and a wheelchair. Each booking was carefully considered so that I got the best of all my requirements; accessibility, and local, historical, and natural beauty. I highly recommend Travel With Orion services if you want to visit your dream location and all that it has to offer, yet leave the booking and planning details to an exceptional, professional, and caring company. Thank you, Alicia and Jackie!

– Laurie Edelman, Pescadero, CA

street scene in Italy with cafe tables on cobblestone street

We’ll never do it without them again! Orion Travel made our precious few days in San Francisco the best, ever. We were received like VIPs in restaurants we wouldn’t have known about. We spent hours in quirky shops we had no idea were there. We got great seats at the Opera and free concerts we wouldn’t have thought of. I love the concept of telling the experts who we are and what we like, then they do the heavy lifting to find just the right food, lodging and fun for us. Plus, they got a deal at the hotel that saved us hundreds. Thanks, Orion!

– Lynne Bowman, Pescadero, CA

Arc de Triomphe, park, ferris wheel, and building in Paris, France

Our trip was amazing! You guys provided us with an avalanche of information; it was really so nice to be able to choose from a list of options of things to see, eat, do, etc during our time off from working. Also, it was great to be fully prepared going in (with maps, itineraries… all of it!) down to knowing that the French toll booths would cost what they did. Thanks to all your research, we were insanely prepared with very few surprises (almost all of which were that we were so prepared that no one else, see “airport security/ customs” cared!) and helped our days flow with ease.

– Lisa Weiss, San Francisco, CA

bridge across river with cityscape

Orion’s team helped sculpt several work trips of which I was a part and did a fabulous job finding us restaurants, sightseeing, and activities that made the most of our limited amount of free time and really fit our interests as a group. The logistical planning saved us much headache and was truly superb!

– Molly DeCoudreaux, San Francisco, CA

woman sleeping in the grass beside the ocean

I honestly never thought I would use or need a “travel agent” to help with making travel arrangements, on my own I would have been the guy that refuses to ask for directions when lost. However, while in the beginning stages of planning a business trip my employee mentioned her friend Alicia had a travel business and could help us out. The trip was for myself, a photographer and several employees with several destinations in Solingen, Germany and Thiers, France; places more than a little bit off the normal travel routes.
I was so happy to have hired Alicia, right off the bat she saved us around $500 in airfare and was able to best plot out our travel routes in order to keep us from wasting time with unnecessary travel days. Alicia was super easy to work with planning our trip, she was both able to save me a gigantic amount of time and keep us in the loop for important decisions about the trip. I never felt that she took over the planning in a way that was like being on a pre-planned guided tour. She booked our lodgings as well in Solingen, Lyon and Thiers finding us places near our work appointments. We were all super happy with what she found for us, and Alicia had great recommendations for us for restaurants and places to do some vintage shopping as well.
Alicia helped us organize our trip into online documents with all the maps and links imbedded for us all as well as printed versions – super helpful to have all in one spot.
I was so happy with Orion Travel that I used Alicia’s help again for a short follow up trip to Santa Fe that was needed to wrap up the project I was working on.
Overall I would highly recommend Orion travel, Alicia saved us lots of time and money and was a real pleasure to work with. I never doubted that she was on it and we could rely on her for help if anything went askew. A+ all the way!

– Josh Donald, San Francisco, CA

cityscape of Lyon, France from the river

Alicia of Travel With Orion gave our first trip to southern France shape and structure – offering UNIQUE suggestions for the areas we planned to visit.  For example, Alicia pointed us to other interesting caves (such as Grottes de Cougnac) beside the well-known Lascaux caves and suggested a half-day Boat Tour to the Calanques for our overbooked schedule. Alicia also gently suggested alternative hotels, inns, B&Bs and restaurants, as opposed to the “standard” choices we made from the internet.  I spent 20 years as a corporate event planner so my standards are very high and I was completely pleased with Travel With Orion’s suggestions and responsiveness.

– Jan Swan, Palo Alto, CA